These links are  provided for anyone who feels sensitive to the pain & loss as a result of the tragic events of September 11th.  Information is supplied so you may identify and locate the appropriate recipient, if you wish to help.

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross provides extensive help for every aspect of the emergency, including help for those searching for information regarding family members affected by the disaster.
Red Cross links:
Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund
Find out about giving blood

The September 11th Fund
United Way and The NY Community Trust have established The September 11th Fund. Contributions will be used to help both immediate & longer-term needs of the victims, their families, & communities affected by the events of September 11.  100% of all contributions will be used to support these efforts. United Way & The Community Trust are underwriting all administrative costs. Donations can be made online,  (click the link) by phone, 800-710-8002, or by mail.
The entertainment industry came together in an historic fashion to raise funds & raise the spirits of all who have been touched by the horrific tragedy that struck America on September 11th. An unprecedented cooperative and collaborative effort, AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES, was a live two-hour, commercial-free, simulcast bringing Americans together to raise funds for the countless thousands of victims & their families who have suffered from this heinous assault on humanity.

World Trade Center Relief Fund
The New York State World Trade Center Fund supports the emergency response and victim support efforts in New York. Donations can be made online (follow the link on the site), by phone (at 1-800-801-8092), or by mail (to the address provided on the site).
Salvation Army Disaster Relief
The Salvation Army sees to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of families, individuals, and emergency personnel involved in the disasters. Aid is given to those affected both directly and indirectly by this tragedy. Donations can be made online or by phone at 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769).

Firefighter 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund
The non-profit organization FireDonations has established the New York Firefighter 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund to assist the families of the firefighters who fell during their valiant attempts to assist community members during the World Trade Center tragedy. Donations can be made online (using the form on the site), by phone (at 1-253-274-0424), or by mail (to the address provided on the site).

Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps supports organizations that provide counseling for survivors, emergency personnel, and families of the victims. They also support organizations that provide scholarship funds for children who lost parents in the attacks. Mercy Corps ensures that your funds reach outstanding local organizations that are making a difference. Donations can be made online (follow the link on the site), by phone (at 1-800-852-2100), or by mail (to the address provided on the site).