Traveling Boosters . . . Carol McCourry



Long time members Bill and Michele Bowden, and their daughter Linette, traveled to Atlanta to watch the Angels take on the Braves, and Erstad take on Braves catcher Estrada.

They reported that the Gift Shop was a disappointment as the selection of items were minimal, but you can order from their catalog. Entering the stadium's main gate, they were surprised to be greeted by a marching band, a juggler on stilts and a very, very large tom-tom drum.

Bill and Linette took a tour of the stadium and Michele went to the Braves Museum. The museum followed the Braves from their beginnings in Boston through Milwaukee to current day in Atlanta.

The food quality was better than at Angel Stadium, while the prices were comparable. The most amazing thing was how fast you got your food. Less than half an inning while at Angel stadium it can take up to 2 innings.

Leaving the parking lot was OK but once on the streets it was very difficult to get to the freeway and back to the hotel.

Atlanta police just wanted you to keep moving, they didn't care where just as long as you moved. Anaheim PD is much more helpful when fans are leaving Angel Stadium.

Over all they had a very good time and the Angels won two of three. After the third game they drove to Florida continuing their vacation, and visiting family.