Traveling Boosters . . . Judy Lavin



Marsha Miller was in Seattle, and saw the Mariners play the Baltimore Orioles on July 17th. The M's won 8-2. She paid $15 to park in a lot just outside of the stadium and returned to find a $30 parking ticket. Tickets are more expensive ranging from $17 to $65. $24 got a seat along third base equivalent to our 400 level. Programs were $3 and they had special featured players programs for $1.

From Safeco Field (see photo of the Mariner's stadium, Safeco Field, at left) you can see the waterfront with its cruise ships and ferryboats, downtown Seattle and Quest Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks. Food and drink prices are similar to Angel Stadium and vendors sell alcohol in the stands. The day was hot, 91 degrees, not cold, windy or foggy as is often the case.

The roof was most impressive & made of black steel. She just saw Batman and with the Mariners wearing dark uniforms, it reminded her of Gotham City. Would Marsha go again? Yes. She had a great time & would go again if in the area.

Michelle Fay and her friend Misty Renken spent August 24th thru the 28th in Phoenix, AZ. They saw the Diamondbacks vs. the Mets on Thursday and the Diamondbacks vs. the Phillies on Friday and Saturday. The primary reason for the trip was to watch former Angel Troy Glaus. He didn't disappoint them as he hit his 27th home run (425 feet) on Friday night. (See photo of Diamondbacks stadium, Chase Field, center left)

Ticket prices were more expensive than at Angel Stadium. Terrace seats were $40 to $60 depending on the day. They have 300 upper view seats they sell before each game for $1 each. Parking in the stadium garage is $10. Food prices are the same but the team store items were more expensive, and the weather was hot, over 100 degrees every day.

The Stadium was air conditioned and the roof remained closed. Would Michelle go again? You bet. She had lots of fun and visited places all over Arizona.

Jody Kemp was on the road again, this time to Chicago, September 7th thru the 11th, to visit college friends that live there. She attended the Angels vs. White Sox game (see photo of the White Sox' statium, Comisky Park, bottom photo) where the Sox celebrated "Half way to St. Patrick's Day." The Angels second win on their way to a three game sweep of the White Sox.

Game ticket was $34 and parking was $17. Food prices were lower and the hot dogs with grilled onions were great. It was hot and sticky and 90+ degrees at night. A college football game was included in the trip and Jody was sad when her team lost. Would Jody go back again? Yes, she has friends and family to visit and stay with.