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Next Meeting:  Monday September 13th at 7:30pm - doors open at 6 :45pm @ Edison Field 
Public Relations       Don Carlson 
The attendance for August 16th General Meeting was 105.  Lets Improve!

Doing the Honors at the Greeting Table were Elva West and Janet Johnson.  Great Job Girls!  Our Greeters for the September 13 meeting will be Helen Elich, Robert Wurtz and Nancy Serota.

Those who were at the August General Meeting know about Calhoun.  Calhoun was a person who didn't want to expose himself for probably numerous reasons.  Afraid of bodily injury, ridicule, rejection and etc.  We all go through life being a Calhoun at one time or another for reasons of our own. 

The Time is now for nominations to be entered for the Board of Directors.  The rules are simple:

    A) Paid up membership in January 1999.
    B) Must have completed one full year of membership

Lets not be a Calhoun.  Throw your hat in the ring or convince a person whom you feel would be a honorable candidate to throw their hat in the ring. Sign up sheet for running for the Board of Directors will be at the Greeting Table.

Promotions                Cary Wright & Frank DiGiola