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Group Sales             Judy Davis  (714) 893-7210

The year has come to a close for Booster Club Group Sales.   I want again to thank everyone who bought tickets through "Group Sales" for supporting the Booster Club and the Anaheim Angels Baseball Team.

Hopefully, next year will have a different ending and we will be worrying about playoff tickets.

Once again, thanks to all the Booster Club members, family and friends for your support this year.

Special Events          Bobie De Silva  (949) 361-0620
TAILGATE: Monday " Labor Day " Sept. 6th. at 3 pm under the big "A" - Bring a dish to share, your own drinks, utensils, plates, & chair to relax.  Angels start play at 5:05 against the New York Yankees!

JOSE TOLENTINO & RAMON ORTIZ:  Luncheon Saturday September 18th at JT Schmid's  12:30pm

BUNCO: ALOHA , We're  going Hawaiian on Sunday Sept. 12th. At 1:30 pm at Mike's house. 11421 Desmond St. Garden Grove. If your last name is between :

A and K  bring a salad.
L and P bring a dessert.
K and Z bring a main dish.

Any questions please call me. 949-361-0620 Use your imagination, there are some recipes in our cookbook.

BAKE SALE: As many of you have seen we are able to serve cookies and brownies and sodas at our meetings - please help and support the club by bringing goodies or buying . Thank you.

ANNUAL MEETING AND DINNER: will be held on SAT. Nov. 6 th.  At the Phoenix Club , the cost will be $22 per person . We will have sign-ups in SEPT. and Oct. at our general meeting.