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Next Meeting:  Monday September 13th at 7:30pm - doors open at 6 :45pm @ Edison Field 
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Board Member Candidates Info    Jennifer Wold, Chair: Nomination Committee  (714) 896-8390
The Angles Booster Club has begun accepting nominations for the position of Board Member. A description is as follows;    The Board is the governing body of the Angels Booster Club, and consists of 15 members elected by the membership. There are 6 positions open for this year's election. The terms are  (5)  3 year terms and (1)  1 year term.  The election will be held at the Annual Meeting held on November 6, 1999.

   A candidate for the position must meet the following requirements:
  a. Must have been an active member for one complete calendar year and paid the current year's dues by January 31.
  b Must not be a member of the same household as an incumbent board member, unless incumbent is leaving board.
  c. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  d. Must be present at the Annual Meeting to address the membership, stating their desire to serve as a board member.
      This provision may be amended if circumstances warrant so, a special vote of the membership would then be taken. 

Those members presenting their names for nomination from the August 16, 1999 General Meeting so far are: 
                      Michael McCuistion                      James Tucker                      Donald Carlson

I may be contacted at the above number if you are interested in placing your name in nomination.