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Booster Chatter
A Message from our President       continued from page 1
Special Notes!    Membership, Historian
Membership - Jennifer Wold
We now have a total membership of over 345 members and growing! The membership contest ended on July 31st, Mary Walter won with 18 new members.  If you are a "new member" in 1999 and have not picked up your membership 
packet, please stop by the membership table.
Historian - Jennifer Wold
I am looking for pictures from this year.  If you have any, please date them and put the event on the back.  Thank you David Plotkin & Al Gomez who will be 
under taking on the task of taking photos at all the future club events.  See the results of some of the photos in the newsletter and on our web site!  Photos will be available to purchase to help defer the cost of film and developing.  Thank you goes to Ralph at Armand's Camera in Orange for discounting the developing.