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A Message from our President       continued from page 8
lished by the Board with Jim Tucker serving as its chairperson. Those general members who would like to serve on this committee please contact Mr. Tucker at area code 714-828-7625. A Bylaws Committee meeting has been scheduled to be held on Saturday, September 11, from 2PM till 5 PM at Mike McCuistions home. Also, if you have any other recommendation please let us hear it. The Board would like to bring this matter up for vote at the Annual Business Meeting.

Please support the Jose Tolentino Luncheon & auction, September 18th, which will be held at JD Schimidt Restaurant. Jose's special guest will be Angel rookie pitcher Ramon Ortiz!  We will have further information on this shortly, we will publish more information in the next addition of our newsletter and web page. Regardless, please support the luncheon. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to a school of Mr. Tolentino's choice, or to disadvantaged children.

Finally, we will be having a Christmas get together at JT Schmidt's on December 4, at JD Schmidt's. Cost will be $12.00 per person. Bring a Christmas ornament and let's have some fun. Anything might happen, could have a silent auction just for you to pick up that last minute Christmas item. Whatever the reason, time to just be ourselves and have a little fun. Welcome in 2000 and our 35th year at the same time. I will have more for you at the next General Meeting.

Till next time...........Russ

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Anniversaries, Birthdays

Sept.   9   Emil & Veronica Kalinak
Sept.  15   Lavin's
Sept.  24   Dulude's
Sept.  26   Knudson's 

Missed your Anniversary or Birthday?  Email us at:
[email protected]

Belated Birthday Wishes to:
Harry Landers  &  Issy Sarfatti

Sept.  1   Linda Scott 

Sept.  5   Dee Sands 

Sept.  8   Matt Smith

Sept. 11  Shiny Williamson


Sept. 14  Janet Johnson

Sept. 17   Raquel Zuniga

Sept. 21  Jason Serota

Sept. 23  Charlie Reimer

Sept. 25   Helen Campbell

Sept. 27   Jim Marlowe