Angels Booster Club 2003 Membership Application

$20. Membership    $15. Each additional Adult    $5. Each child under 17

The above membership Pricing is based on Membership at the Same Mailing Address. 

Individuals under the age of 18 must be included as members of the household and must be supervised

by a consenting adult or parent in order to participate in any / all Angels Booster Club activities

$15 Out of State/Country Membership per Household Please print & mail this application,

along with a stamped, self-addressed  envelope. We will rush your membership card to you. 

Please PRINT                    Names                                                Birthday                     Wedding Date            ( * indicates Required Info) 


* Name 1 ______________________________  *_______________   _____________   New Card No_________


* Name 2 ______________________________  *_______________   _____________   New Card No_________


* Name 3 ______________________________  *_______________   _____________   New Card No_________


* Name 4 ______________________________  *_______________   _____________   New Card No_________

 If additional names, please list on reverse after printing form


* Address _____________________________________________________ * Phone ______________________


  * City _________________________________________________ * State ____________ * Zip _____________


Email Address _________________________________________  Season Ticket Holder ?  Yes ____  No____


Recruited By ______________________________  Recruited at (Ballpark, Fair, etc) ________________________


 I, as a member of the Angels Booster Club, Inc., (hereafter referred to as ABC) agree as follows:  ABC, is a non-profit corporation organized for the mutual enjoyment of its members in supporting the Anaheim Angels Baseball Club.


1.  ABC's activities include group transportation to/from baseball games, meetings, picnics, and other events.  At these events ABC may serve food and engage in group activities of various type.


2.  I understand that the activities of ABC, would not be possible if the organization were to accept responsibility for injury to its members or losses its members might incur while participating in group activities, eating, travel or otherwise.


3.  Therefore, I agree to waive any claims that I now have, or ever may have, arising from my participation in ABC, and to release and hold harmless ABC, together with its officers and directors, from any liability whatsoever for any injury or damage that I may sustain as a result of participating in events sponsored by ABC.


4.  This agreement shall bind and apply to the benefit of my heirs, representatives, or estate and to the successors of ABC.


5.  The Angels Booster Club, Inc. (ABC)  reserves the right to refuse membership at it's discretion.


* Member, Angels Booster club ____________________________________________ * Date_________________


* Member, Angels Booster club ____________________________________________ * Date_________________


* Member, Angels Booster club ____________________________________________ * Date_________________


* Member, Angels Booster club ____________________________________________ * Date_________________

Additional members please sign on reverse after form is printed

* Month of signing ____________ * Amount Paid _____________ * Payment Method - Cash _____ Check____

Mail Application to to: Angels Booster Club, Inc    P.O. Box 4787    Anaheim CA  92803, Attn: Membership,

or bring to any meeting. Enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope for return of your membership card May 2003