Help the Environment & Benefit your Booster Club by Recycling your empty InkJet cartridges!


You'll be helping the environment . . .

and our club receives cash for each cartridge

Environmental Impact: Every year, over 60 million inkjet printer cartridges that are used in homes, schools and businesses, are carelessly and needlessly discarded when empty.

It may seem overwhelming, but YOU really can make a difference. Recycling cartridges will help the environment, safeguard our health and save energy by reducing overburdened landfill sites by millions of cubic feet of non-biodegradable material, (which takes up to 1000 years to decompose), plus- limit the need to burn rubbish, which releases harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

Through re-manufacturing, over 38,000 tons of cartridges will be refilled and re-used. In addition - the initial manufacture of just one ink jet cartridge uses up 3 quarts of oil. The re-manufacturing process saves more than just that precious oil. It will also save the other raw materials used in the manufacturing process.

Here's how YOU can make a difference.


InkJet Cartridges are made from a very low quality plastic, and therefore not recyclable in the traditional way. (can't be effectively melted, for example and raw materials re-used). Therefore they are recycled by being refilled and returned to circulation.


Start by saving your own empty InkJet cartridges, and then go the extra mile by asking all your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to do the same.  Almost everyone has a printer, and most people just throw their empty InkJet cartridges in the trash.   List of recyclable cartridges.


Find an empty box and simply save ALL the empty InkJet printer cartridges you can, and then just bring the empty cartridges to each general meeting, or give them to any board member. 


You can also mail cartridges to: ABC Recycling P.O. Box 4787 Anaheim, CA 92803

When you recycle your empties, our Club will receive payment for every undamaged empty InkJet  cartridge received. If most of our active adult members recycled just three or four cartridges each a year, the club could receive up to $3,000. in cash rewards, depending on cartridge type and condition.


This amount could seriously increase if we remind our neighbors, co-workers, family and friends to save their empty cartridges for us.

Important:  Be sure to handle your empty cartridges carefully to avoid ink spillage, or cartridge damage during storage or transit.  Damaged cartridges have no value.  For protection, keep InkJet cartridges in an old Ziploc bag or place a small strip of scotch tape over the ink jet opening to keep it from becoming damaged or drying out.


Almost all brands of current inkjet printer cartridges are recyclable, click here for a specific list. However - Epson ink cartridges and Laser Toner cartridges are NOT valid in this program.


Most Angels Booster Club members, given the choice, would rather dispose of their empty cartridges in a way that will both benefit the environment and raise funds for for the Booster Club.


We realize that we can't solve all of the world's recycling issues, but together we can certainly make a difference. Each empty inkjet printer cartridge we recycle back into circulation, decreases the amount of solid waste that is jammed into our landfills. It also eliminates the need to use up more of our already limited natural resources, to produce new cartridges.


Click here for a general List of recyclable cartridges.  Cartridge requirements change from time to time, so this list is just a general guide to acceptable items. If you are unsure, please bring your empty cartridges to any meeting. In the event they are not recyclable in this program, they will be disposed of properly.


If you have questions directly related to this program, email .