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Background Info & EBay Store-

As announced recently in the Newsletter and at General Meetings, The Club has a store on Ebay called the "angelsboosterstore" where we are listing memorabilia for bid and sale. We have asked, and we encourage, Members to donate memorabilia items to the club so they can be sold, on EBay and here at Shop & Swap.  It's up to the Member if they want to donate a PORTION, or the TOTAL amount, of the sale to the Club. 


Shop & Swap Explained-

How does "Swap and Shop" work? We will list memorabilia items here in the Shop & Swap area, and provide a photo whenever possible. 


Here's how it works . . .A set of three bobbleheads, for example, which contains one each of "Carew, Downing and Grich" would be listed at $45.00 for the set of three 3. If you want the items, you can either SHOP, which means purchase the set for $45.00, or you can SWAP by offering memorabilia in trade that has an equal or greater value than the $45.00. Items that are SWAPPED (taken in trade) will be sold here, or on EBay at the angelsboosterstore, at our luncheons, or even at General Meetings. you can email me at   if you have any questions, ideas, or need any additional information . . . OR if you wish to make a trade, or buy an item.


As the ground rules are established for this venture, we will change and adjust. 


I would like to answer the question some of you asked about if I had certain items or if I could locate certain items. I indicated that I would attempt to do to by announcing what was sought  and then report back by way of the Chatter. One of our members would like to locate an Angels Jersey from the 70's. If you have this item let me know and I will pass the information on. 


If you have items that you would want to trade or sell then contact me. There are percentage rates the Club will charge  for those of the members who would want to list items for trade or sale. If you would like to donate an item to the club to be sold, please let us know. Donated items become exclusive property of  the Angels Booster Club. We have had items donated that were sold at our silent auctions or on line.  Items may also could be sold at general meetings. 

Items can also be taken on a consignment basis. If you're interested, let us know. 


Some items we will be offered with the Club requesting a donation for the VALUE of the  item in lieu of purchasing the item. Items which are taken in trade will be sold accordingly. 


Please Remember items for which a donation is made, are not tax deductible. Our tax status does not allow the Angels Booster Club to be claimed as a charitable tax deduction. You are  donating because you are supporting your club.  


Also please note: The Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance on all items purchased from Shop & Swap and the angelsboosterstore on EBay.


Items listed for equal value refers to the member trading the club for an item of equal value.  If the items is listed at an estimated value then we would accept items with an equal or greater value.  


If you would like to donate the amount listed then that is your option. We will continue to show and list the items as long as they are available. If you have ANY questions then contact me at: . 


I have learned there is always a buyer out there for something. Ebay is the best to demonstrate this thought. Shop and Swap is a method for the club to meet its operating costs and/or to develop new and better programs. It provides our members with the opportunity to support the club by donating of items that we can sell or trade, that they no longer have room for, cannot use, or no longer want.


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